5 ways to shake up your life, inspired by people who have done it

5 ways to shake up your life, inspired by people who have done it

Living your best life doesnt always mean traveling a linear path. Sometimes you need to shake things up along the way, throw the plan out the window and go in search of what truly makes you happy.

What does it mean to find your fit to discover a sense of purpose and chase down the dreams that mean the most to you?

Its about passion. Its about truth. And most of all, its about listening to your gut.

Inspired by four people who have already done it, here are five things to keep in mind when reinventing your own life.

#1 If you lack inspiration, shift your scenery

Picking a major in college doesnt guarantee youll have your life figured out by the time you graduate. In fact, most of us walk across that stage to accept a diploma just as clueless about what to do with our lives as when we began. And thats okay.

When Kuro Tawil graduated, he didnt know what to do with his life. So he bought a one-way ticket to Pakistan with the hopes that a change of scenery would help him find his way. While there, he discovered a passion he never knew he had.

5 ways to shake up your life, inspired by people who have done it

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Changing your scenery doesnt have to mean traveling halfway around the world. It could also be as simple as changing cities, taking a new route to work, or exploring a part of town you dont usually go to. Inspiration will hit when you break up your routine.

#2 Pay attention to what moves you

What moves you could be as simple as being around animals, or growing plants, or as big as helping children in need. While traveling to Pakistan, Kuro was struck by stories of women who had limited ways to protect themselves against assault. Hearing the stories and retelling the moment when it all hit him reminded him of his mission and why he wanted to make a difference.

Kuro was moved by the thought that there were people in need people whom he could help. Thats when the idea for his start-up was born. By sending pepper spray to developing countries, Kuro and his team are helping to empower women to fight back.

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#3 What you do in your free time is what you should do all the time

Your hobbies can tell you a lot about what really makes you happy.

For Sara DiVello, a decade working in finance left her feeling unfulfilled, dispirited and hollow. When it was time to leave work at the end of the day, she would rush off to yoga.

It was my sanctuary, she said. After a long day at the office, her yoga mat was the place where she could finally breathe.

5 ways to shake up your life, inspired by people who have done it

Image: pixabay

One day, it hit her: she was unhappy. Sara knew she needed to make a change. Yoga provided the way out and a much-needed source of inspiration for her life.

Whether its knitting, hiking or playing basketball, pay attention to the ways in which you choose to spend your free time, for its here that you could find your true source of happiness.

Watch Saras full story here:

#4 Get ready to pivot when things dont quite work

Change can be scary, especially when you thought you had it all figured out. But change is also a kind of constant something we can depend on always being there throughout life.

When Skyler Bouchard got to college, she thought entertainment journalism would be the right path for her, and worked hard at a career in that field. However, she quickly learned that something was lacking.

5 ways to shake up your life, inspired by people who have done it

Image: pixabay

She had always loved food talking about it, eating it, documenting it. After posting a photo of blood pudding waffles on social media, the floodgates opened. Suddenly, she knew exactly what she wanted to do and everything else just fell into place.

Stay flexible as you discover what you want from life. Often, the plan will change. Its important that you change with it.

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#5 When opportunity knocks, hustle to answer the door

No one is going to hand you your dream like a gift, all wrapped up in a bow. Rarely is it that easy. Whether youre shifting gears to go after something new or doggedly chasing down the career youve always dreamed of, its going to take grit, grind and a decent amount of hard work.

Tiffany Reid learned this first hand, commuting from Philadelphia to New York three times a week during college for an internship at a fashion magazine. She worked extra jobs to pay for her travel costs and didnt let the distance keep her from what she wanted.

5 ways to shake up your life, inspired by people who have done it

After a few wrong turns at jobs that werent right, she landed exactly where she dreamt of all along as fashion editor of a national magazine. In one powerful moment she realized everything up until then had been worth it.

When you put in the work, it pays off.

Watch Tiffanys story here:

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