Frank Ocean ditched the formal footwear and wore Vans to the White House

Frank Ocean seems to be thriving, with a post-album glow and some bold fashion choices to prove it.

The elusive singer stepped out from his private life and headed to the White House, where he was one of the guests at the Obama administration’s last state dinner. While most guests opted for formalwear from head to toe, Ocean showed up to the event in none other than checkerboard slip-on Vans.

In a video posted by ABC News, Ocean, who was accompanied by his mother Katonya Breaux, was asked by a reporter about his footwear selection.

“First time doing it. Probably because its my first time here,” the singer said.

And because it’s Frank Ocean we’re talking about, most fans on Twitter expressed their love for his now “iconic” fashion move.

Maybe not as iconic as the evening’s chef, Mario Batali, and his orange crocs in The White House, though.

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