Hands-free Handbag Marley

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We sew our bags with high quality bovin leather that we purchase in Italy and Germany. The colors of our leather material are permanent and very resistant The leather is extremly durable, 1,2mm thick and resistant to abrasion. For linings we use beautiful colorful, solid and water resistant design fabrics, 100% PES The zipper on the side enables you to have a full control over the contents and lets you easily get inside There is also a spacious pocket inside with a zipper and two pockets outside of the bag All zipper in our bags comes from the Japanese high quality brand YKK Germany GmbH which we carefuly choose for you We believe in its indestructibility, we provide lifelong guarantee for zippers We also offer a personalization of our bags, we can embroider any text according your wishes on the pocket inside the backpacks All our backpacks are handcrafted in a smaller professional workshop in Czech Republic If you prefer to wear the handbag on the left shoulder we recommend you to order a bag with the main zipper on the left side. 🙂 SPECIFICATIONS: SIZE L (A4) : 52 cm length, 36 cm wide at the bottom SIZE M DIN (A5+) : 48 cm length, 36 cm wide at the bottom SIZE S DIN (A5): 38 cm lenght, 27 cm wide at the bottom this size has only ONE pocket outside with a main zipper on the right side.


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