Hillary Clinton to meet with Bernie Sanders after winning DC primary

Final contest of the often surprisingly close race comes amid fresh intrigue over Democrats next steps ahead of the party convention in Philadelphia next month

Hillary Clinton to meet with Bernie Sanders after winning DC primary

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton met in Washington for talks on Tuesday night as the long, and often bitter, 2016 presidential nomination race drew to close with a win for the former of secretary of state in the DC primary.

Shortly after polls closed at 8pm, Clinton was projected to have won the small and largely symbolic Democratic contest, leading by a healthy margin of 79-21%at the time of the Associated Press declaration with 90% of the vote counted.

She will add a majority of its 20 delegates to a commanding national lead that has already seen her declared the partys presumptive nominee.

After a 14-month campaign that was largely aimed at taking on the Washington-based political class, Sanders was never expected to do well in the city and held just one rally for supporters here.

The staunchly Democratic stronghold was also a closed primary, in which independent voters are unable to take part, and home to many African American voters both factors that have favoured Clinton elsewhere.

But the final contest of the often surprisingly close national race between the two comes amid fresh intrigue over the partys next steps ahead of a national convention in Philadelphia next month.

While voting was still going on, Sanders announced he would be holding a live video stream for supporters on Thursday night in which he said he would be discussing whats next for our campaign.

For the past 14 months, through the entire primary process, weve sent the establishment a message they cant ignore: we wont settle for the status quo, said an emailed invitation. After today, the voting is done, but our political revolution continues.

The event is widely expected to mark the formal end of his candidacy for the nomination, but many see instead a call to arms among supporters to continue fighting for the policies that have often put him at odds with the partys senior leadership.

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