Hobo Bag,Coofit Canvas Crossbody Messenger Bag Shouder Bag Handbag for Women Men’s

Material:Canvas and PU Leather Dimensions: 12.9 x 15.3 x 2.7 inches (W x H x D) Structure:This cross body Messenger bag can be of a large capacity, if you want to get loads of items inside it, and not need the main internal zip closed, or the messenger bag can be of a medium capacity with the main internal zip fastened up, the choice is your either way everything will be safe, inside the messenger bag, as you keep the shoulder strap across the body too. Size:The maximum length that you can have the shoulder strap at, is as follows it will reach a length of 114.5cm.The shortest you can have the shoulder strap at is 33cm.The deepest length you can get from the messenger bag, is 47cm that is with the internal zip left open, and the bag flap fully extended open, the bag then has a maximum width of 38cm. Features:When you do have the messenger bag folded down, so it is about one quarter less its maximum size, the leather fastener works well and keeps a good strong hold, of the top of your bag but also always have the internal zip closed where possible.