KastKing Dry Bag Waterproof Roll Top Type Duffel Bag with Zippered Compartment and Grab Handle

KastKing product development has kicked it up a notch! In addition to KastKing standard dry bags, and cell phone dry cases, KastKing introduces this dynamic new model.

This roll top dry bag has a double-closure system for the main bag for better waterproofing, and a zippered water resisting outer compartment with a clear panel. Constructed with heavy-duty, flexible 500D PVC and fusion welded seams, adjustable shoulder strap, rugged carry handle.

Use this durable KastKing dry bag with zipper compartment as a beach bag, tackle bag, back pack, emergency go bag, school bag, or carry on travel bag. A watertight dry bag is great as a day bag for fishing, boating, kayak, camping, snowmobiling, and are also perfect for beach, canoe, and fishing trips. Use them to store extra dry apparel, cameras, phones or fishing tackle. Use them to store extra dry apparel, cameras, video equipment, electronics, Go Pro, smart phones, fishing tackle, tools, or accessories.

KastKing Dry Bags will not replace a PFD but can be used as a supplemental emergency flotation device. With air trapped inside your dry bag it floats. Dry bag can be used as a camping pillow when filled with your dry gear.

KastKing Dry Bags are a must have item for any outdoors person and are available in various sizes and colors.