Silk Chiffon Clutch with Brooch, Wedding clutch, Wedding bag, Bridal clutch, Purse for wedding Price: £90.00 (as of 21/01/2021 03:36 PST- Details)

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Please always inform me about your event day, Thank you!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This luxury clutch is made with pure silk fabric. It is featuring flowing chiffon silk and a diamond brooch with pearls. I use pure dupioni silk for the body of the clutch as the silk fabrics have a crisp texture and beautiful sheen. Dupioni silk has an irregular weave with tiny nubs showing. One of the oldest luxury fabrics, popular for wedding gowns, dupioni is soft and light with a characteristic rustle. I have developed my own unique style of stabilizing the clutches so that they never lose their full appearance of fullness. This permanent structure gives the clutches an extra attractiveness regardless of how full or empty they are. My clutches are very lightweight, soft and gentle and return back to its original shape. It measures: Top 8 inches Bottom 9,0 inches Height 5,0 inches Width 2,5 inches PERSONALISATION: I design a personalized tag (date, name or greeting), which is printed on the white fabric and attached on the inside. Please note that this will add an additional cost to your order. CHAIN: An extra feature of a chain handle is available only with ball closure, in short 12″ (over wrist) or long 24″ (over shoulder) lengths. Please note that this will add an additional cost to your order. MANUFACTURING TIME: It takes 1-2 weeks (3 weeks in busy time) to make each clutch, however, it is possible in the case of an urgent order to be completed in 2-3 days. You can upgrade the shipping to “Urgent (2-3 days)”.


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