Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston: as close as we’ll get to two memes dating

Looking at pictures of the two canoodling, its as though someone searched for happy couple on the Meme Generator website and it spat out Swiddleston

Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston: as close as we'll get to two memes dating

What a joy it is, seeing Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston canoodling. If you dont know what canoodling means, its what American celebrity journalists say to class up descriptions of famous people groping each other. In the case of Hiddleston and Swift or Swiddleston, which I am only using in this piece now so that no one can ever use it sincerely canoodling actually fits whatever it is theyre doing in the newly released photos that confirm their relationship.

Looking at these pictures, one gets the sense that they were staged for our prurient benefit. Each photo has a sickly sweet injection of performative chivalry. Tom helps Lady Swift up on to the rocks. Oh, and here he is giving her his coat. Now theyre posing for a selfie which should be called a couplie, since there are two of them. God, they even hold hands. Its nauseating, but it accomplishes their goal. Theyve outed themselves as a wholesome, impeccable source of romantic inspiration for people around the world. Are these even real people? Im not convinced. What we are actually witnessing is the equivalent of two internet memes dating featureless avatars for our own hopeless need for human connection. Its as though someone went to the Meme Generator website and searched for happy couple and it spat out Swiddleston.

Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston: as close as we'll get to two memes dating  The Sun (@TheSun) June 15, 2016

Look which A-lister Taylor Swift is hooking up with https://t.co/PqjlUsrQx5 pic.twitter.com/ZjsTFz8mCQ

Granted, this is not the first time she has played dressup for the cameras and dragged someone out to manipulate the media narrative around her. An entire biography of Swift could be cobbled together exclusively from allegedly candid photos of her canoodling. An article from Us Magazines website from back when Swift and Calvin Harris were together is titled Taylor Swift, Boyfriend Calvin Harris Hold Hands on Glamorous Date Night. Even more obnoxious is the tail end of the URL for the article, which reads Taylor Swift, Calvin Harris Are the Cutest for Date Night.

Are they? Have you seen my wife and I walking to Ikea lately? Its telling that in order to really make their breakup complete, Harris and Swift had to delete the entire cache of couple photos from their social media accounts. Their relationship seemed to only exist on the internet anyway.

What Swift, Kim Kardashian and countless other famous people have figured out is that its better for them to exist as vessels for our own personal expression. At any given moment she can be a badass feminist or sullen and melancholy or hopelessly in love, because all we have is a photo of her making a face. Something about her makes people want to type a bunch of junk all over her picture to make some bloody grand statement about life or gender relations or the nature of existence.

But then so does Tom Hiddleston.

Swift is a genius because shes decided to date the internets ideal boyfriend, and of course, the photos show him doing ideal boyfriend things. Theyre even snuggling on the beach like theyre in a Chris Isaak music video, but wearing significantly more clothing.

Then theres me, the real person in this equation. To be honest, Ive placed myself in this equation without the consent of Swiddleston, butthe media is the silent partner in this thruple. Swift and Hiddleston give us greeting card romance and, in return, we give them attention. Were just the same as the people writing and the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate on a photo of Swift holding a stereo. Its like being given one of those Magic Eye posters and having someone ask you if you see the sailboat.

When I look at photos of Swift and Hiddleston, I see nothing. I see the jumble of dots and wavy lines on that Magic Eye poster. I see the static from a busted analog television. I see the hours on a clock ticking away. I see my life slowly drifting out of my body until one day, I am nothing but an empty husk of rotting meat clutching an iPhone. I might as well be staring at a gif of Pedro the frogs wet, tired eyes locked on a unicycling Dat Boi or Chewbacca Mom and James Corden going for a ride in a rental car.

Actually, if I can suggest some post-Swiddleston relationships for a moment, I would probably enjoy writing about Swift dating James Corden and Hiddleston canoodling with Chewbacca Mom. I mostly want this to happen because I would gladly listen to a Swift song about Chewbacca Mom.

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