These 13 Top Global Nightclubs Are Too Cool for Bottle Service

These 13 Top Global Nightclubs Are Too Cool for Bottle Service

You may have been there: Its late, and youre at a club. The pounding music has started to make you question the merits of celebrity DJs. (Celebrities to whom?) The sweaty men and loud women crowding you are so far gone they think everyone is as excited as they are about the bottle of champagne they just spent $1,200 on. Look, it even has a sparkler in it!

Suddenly, instead of having fun, you think to yourself: Is it over yet? When can I just go home?

Good news: Youre not the only one.

People are getting weary, said Ronnie Madra, the co-owner of Butter Group, which owns 1Oak, Up & Down and Never Never. People are tired of the branding and the websites and the marketing and the minimums. Some still relish it, but as the world is changing, the landscape of nightlife is going to go with it.

These 13 Top Global Nightclubs Are Too Cool for Bottle Service
A Hakkasan model/cocktail waitress holds up a bottle of Perrier-Jout Nuit Blanche Ros alongside actress Shanae Grimes-Beech and her husband, model/musician Josh Beech, in Las Vegas.
Photographer: Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images for Perrier-Jouet

Madra was speaking about how many commercial clubs now function as entertainment systems that simply funnel high-paying clients toward the best real estate in the placeusually next to the DJ, next to the table filled with the most models (who belong to contracted club promoters that expect them to be there for a certain amount of time), or close to whichever star is in the house that night. (By now, Leonardo DiCaprio is so ubiquitous in New York nightclubs that the regulars dont even do a double take.) Clients gain access to that real estate by buying a tableor a bottle that belongs to a tableusually for $5,000 or more. There are even apps to make it easier

Madra and his business partners try to arrange evenings at their Butter Group venues around different segments of timecocktails, dinner, dancing, after hoursrather than just selling them on one idea for a night. Peoples attention span is like a humming birdthey dont really stay still. Im guilty of it as well, Madra admitted.

Clubs such as 1Oak, which has reigned as one of New Yorks most sought-after clubs for years, have mastered this formula over time. And they do make hundreds of thousands of dollars a month selling bottles and tables. But there was an era before bottle service, and several new club owners are trying to get back to that more egalitarian, creative atmosphere.

The modern form of bottle service first started in certain clubs in the late 90s-early 2000s, and then things fully swung that way, said Angelo Bianchi, the creative director of the Blond, a private club in New York. Bianchi made his name in New York nightlife as the doorman for the famously cool Beatrice Inn and Jane Hotel. That was the reason for the success of the smaller clubs in 2006, and they were the anti to that bottles-and-models system. At Beatrice, we never sold one bottle. It was a point of pride.

These 13 Top Global Nightclubs Are Too Cool for Bottle Service
Up&Down in New York.
Photographer: Matteo Prandoni/ Prandoni

Thats why Bianchi partnered with co-creative director (and Beatrice and Le Baron alum) Julio Montero to create the Blond at Aby Rosens 11 Howard hotel (more on that below), and it’s why Madra and company started Never Never, the tiny, dark dancing space next to Up & Down that has a much tighter door policy than its siblings. At Never Never, the crowd looks cool, artistic, international and well-dressed. Most important, they don’t all look the same. There is no obligatory bottle service.

Madra said Never Never happened as a necessity to cater to a younger crowd turned off by commercial club glitz, who were venturing to Brooklyn and even Long Island to party. While it takes generally $5 million or so to open a new club, Madra spent $30,000 to open Never Neverand made that money back before the end of the first week.

We built it as a little place where we are not going to get rich over night, but you can make a little profit and you can bring in a goulash of personalities and social standing, he said. Theres no sign on the door; you cant really Google it. Thats what we like.

In fact, plenty of places work as the outside of the model-promoter system. Theyre quieter and more hidden, but the great thing is that the amount of fun you have is usually in direct proportion to just how quiet and how hidden they areand how discerning the guy at the door is.

People are interested in having an authentic experience where they are not walking into a situation that feels one certain way, Bianchi said. Theyll know within the first few minutes of walking in whether theyll come back. People dont want to go to places that feel like clubland, they want something organic. They want to go to somewhere on a quiet street.

Here are some Places Like That. Go. Have fun. And remember: Its not about dressing up. Its about dressing well.

The Blond, NEW YORK

These 13 Top Global Nightclubs Are Too Cool for Bottle Service
Source: 11 Howard

This might be the hardest door to get into in New York at the moment; once insideif you get insideyoull find the sort of interesting mix that the models/bottles formula scattered: tall, pretty, and fashionable women who happen to work as models, sure, but also young street artists, understated rich kids from Paris, a British photographer or two, and a couple of New York local downtown kidsgay, old-school club kids, toomixed in for good measure. Even though the space is part of the Howard Hotel, its never open to the public, and doorman Dereck is famously standoffish, so dont expect to get in easily. The vibe is chic, dark, intimate and faintly European; expect to hear everything from Talking Heads and Fleetwood Mac to Rihanna and 2 Chainz.

When you walk into the Blond, we didnt want to make it feel like a club, said Anis Khoury, general manager of the 11 Howard hotel. Plush, comfortablethat word comfortable just keeps coming up. The Blond exemplifies what a comfortable setting should be, a place where you to go meet friends of friends.

Where: 11 Howard St.

When to go: Late, after midnight, on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Friday.

Silencio, PARIS

These 13 Top Global Nightclubs Are Too Cool for Bottle Service
The rooms at Silencio.
Photographer: Alexandre Guirkinge

The scent inside Silencio is subtle, intoxicating, and unforgettable, just like the weird Club Silencio that inspired it, from Mulholland Drive. You dont really notice it at all until youre all the way down the winding stairs to the bottom, where cavernous rooms include one for smoking, several for lounging, and a chic dance floor right in the front of the DJ booth. The bar in the center is expensive and extensive. Be ready: The fashionable crowd in front of the DJ will dance, if given the chance.

Where: 142 Rue Montmartre

When to go: If you have the chance to go, go, and the earlier in the morning (2 a.m. or so) the better. This is one of the worlds best clubs in the real sense of the word: hidden, chic, with an interesting mix of all types of creative, beautiful, stylish, and odd people. The whole thing is an experience without seeming constructed or artificial. What you wont find inside: suits, Louboutines, body-con dresses. What you will find inside: Rick Owens, Yoji Yamamoto, Celine, Saint Laurent, obscure fashion brands from Spain, France, New York, California.


These 13 Top Global Nightclubs Are Too Cool for Bottle Service
Source: Yelp

Los Angeles has cornered the market on showy places with sparklers and ladies with faux appendages (hair, breasts, lips, and so forth) so to find a place truly away from big film spenders and swimsuit models on the make takes some work. Enter No Name, the unmarked spot on Fairfax that works hard to avoid those patrons. Its unlisted, so the only way youll get in is through word of mouth or a quasi-secret invite system that feeds into a list as inflexible as a sidewalk. Once inside, you can order food, if you want, or gawk at the art and actors that line the walls. Listen to the DJ play Edward Sharpe; maybe drink an Old Fashioned.

Where: 423 N. Fairfax Ave.

When to go: Early, by New York standards. The place clears out by 2 a.m.

Rose Bar, NEW YORK

These 13 Top Global Nightclubs Are Too Cool for Bottle Service
Source: Gramercy Park Hotel

This is the gold standard for grand New York lounge-y bars where you can hear a DJ and dance a little, or cuddle in a comfortable banquette and watch people while you sip a boulevardier under a large Damien Hirst. Its in the Gramercy Park Hotel, so the crowd is mixed, with moneyed Internationals, uptown twentysomethings, and on certain nights, music lovers who come to hear Chairlift or CRX play secret sets. (Credit Matthew E. Green and his staff with directing a robust indie scene there.) Go on Wednesday to hear Johnsville DJ; his knowledge of dark and sexy tracks (Donna Summer, Larry Levan, Poolside) beats anything youll hear elsewhere.

Where: 2 Lexington Ave.

When to go: 11 p.m. or later, but before 2 a.m.

Paradise by Way of Kensal Green, LONDON

These 13 Top Global Nightclubs Are Too Cool for Bottle Service
Source: Paradise by way of Kensal Green

The place has a menu filled with seasonal delectables and gastro pub fare, but the late-night drinks and music scene is what were after here. Inside are multiple levels with dark corners for chatting or eyeing the famous Sunday Roast. Its located close to Queens Park and Kensal Green stations in West London, so the music (DJs, R&B, Jazz, Electronic) is as eclectic as its patrons (youngish, casually pretty) and wine list.

Where: 19 Kilburn Lane

When to go: Go for an early at 10 p.m. before heading elsewhere for the night.

Never Never, NEW YORK

These 13 Top Global Nightclubs Are Too Cool for Bottle Service
Source: Never Never

This is the secret club on the backside of Up & Down. A short, dark hallway connects the two, but a big man in a dark suit is positioned there, and you wont be able to get from one to the other. Never Never is more exclusiveand more secretivethan Up & Down; Benny, the doorman out front, seems erratic, but hes sharp as a razors edge about whom he lets in. If you do make it past Benny, expect to see a lot of Australian surfer studs slightly disheveled in the way that charms American girls, their off-duty model girlfriends, writers, chefs, and lots of doormen/DJs/managers from other clubs who come in late to network and gossip. Youll hear a lot of new wave and indie music here; you wont hear hip-hop. As Madra said: Its not about the big experience, its about the right experience.

Where: 246 W. 14th St.

When to go: No earlier than 1 a.m., weeknights. Two a.m. is better.

Mr. Fongs, NEW YORK

Instagram: Instagram photo by @mrfongsnyc

The brainchild of five owning partners, including Adam Moonves (yes, the son of that Moonves), Fongs lacks signage and glitter, which is exactly why you venture down under the Manhattan Bridge deep in Chinatown, anyway. The feel here is softer, with Brooklyn creatives of all ages mixing with Manhattan artists and publicists. The DJ in the corner is almost an afterthought (there is a jukebox), but hes there to move the crowd a bit once the night gets on.

Where: 40 Market St.

When to go: Sometime around midnight should be fine. Avoid the weekends.

The Oasis Clubhouse, BUENOS AIRES

These 13 Top Global Nightclubs Are Too Cool for Bottle Service
Source: The Oasis Clubhouse

The private members-only club is just thatunless you know someone, or want to purchase a guest pass for the entire place. While the rest of the club has a lounge, terrace, bars, a pool and gardens, weekends are the draw if you want to drink and dance: Theres usually a DJ and plenty of internationally minded sophisticates to talk to while youre there. The feeling here is relaxed and faintly Parisian, with a twist. The place feels like a hidden Argentine villa decorated with American and European expats. (It very nearly is.) You wont work up a sweat dancing, but you will feel extremely self-satisfied at how well youve managed to infiltrate the cool-people crowd. And the cocktail list is extremely well put.

Where: Costa Rica 4651 Palermo Soho C1414

When to go: On the early side of the evening, for a cocktail and respite.

Pauls Cocktail Lounge, NEW YORK

Instagram: Instagram photo by @deanschnider

Colloquially known as Pauls Baby Grand (but officially named Paul’s Cocktail Lounge, so as to avoid confusion with Babys All Right and Baby Grand, two other NYC late night places), this is the little room Paul Sevigny created under the auspices of the Roxy (formerly Tribeca Grand) Hotel. The walls are covered in large palms (wallpapered and otherwise); the male wait staff wear white, double-breasted suits and carry themselves with the dignity of those who have partied in the glam bygone days of another era. Open format is the key here. Youll hear dance tunes from Madonna to Scissor Sisters here; dont expect Calvin Harris or Drake. Ludwig, the doorman, is fickle and wise; if he turns you away a time or two, he may welcome you with open arms on the third try.

Where: 2 Sixth Ave.

When to go: Go at midnight or 1 a.m. Its closed on Sundays and Mondays.

Doheny Room, LOS ANGELES

These 13 Top Global Nightclubs Are Too Cool for Bottle Service
Source: sbe

The spot on Santa Monica Boulevard has a warm, airy California feel and a potentially softer hand for people who want to get inside. The walls are lined in banana palms and portraits of David Bowie and Faye Dunaway; in true LA style, the menu has lobster and vegan sushi. Upstairs offers more of a club atmosphereyou can buy a table if you want, and you will see a DJ and maybe even bottle service, though not at the level of annoyance. For LA, thats saying a lot.

Where: 9077 Santa Monica Blvd.

When to go: Go to dinner at 9 p.m.; upstairs will have energy around 11 p.m.

The Scotch of St. James, LONDON

Its a veritable bastion of music history: The Beatles and Rolling Stones performed live sets here, but its no concert venue. The owners of Paris and New York nightclub Le Baron had a hand in its rejuvenation, and now its updated to reflect a modern outlook; fashion types (Stella McCartney, Kate Moss, Cara Delevingne) hold parties there on special nights. So do New York nightlife gurus out for work abroad. If you go, drink Scotch whisky or bourbontheyll go well with the Denim Tears and Disco.

Where: Masons Yard.

When to go: Show up around midnight on a Wednesday or Thursday. Youll be good.

Raspoutine, PARIS 

These 13 Top Global Nightclubs Are Too Cool for Bottle Service
Source: Raspoutine

The Blond held its Paris Fashion Week party here, which is saying something about the level of its status as an international A-List spot. Bianchi said its his favorite place to relax out when hes in France. The general design of the room hasnt changed for decades, with Byzantine red velvet and pink neon trim on the seats and walls; this is a testament to the brilliance of what used to be a bordello. The top of French creative life files through here at some point or another: high-powered fashion photographers, owners of other clubs, financiers, designers, editors, singers, paintersand, yes, Russian moneyfrom all ages and races. Handsome, well-known-among-a-certain-set DJs imported from all over the world perform until early in the morning hours.

Where: 58 Rue de Bassano

When to go: The most fun youll have is a late night here during fashion weekodds are youll encounter the most beautiful women youve ever seen. (I did). Show up after the early birds finish their dinners and cabaret dances. The real crowd you want to see gets here after 1 a.m.

Pikes Hotel, IBIZA

These 13 Top Global Nightclubs Are Too Cool for Bottle Service
Photographer: Luke Dyson

Set aside your preconceived notions about Ibiza being chock full of EDM clubs stuffed with young Brits on Ketamine. Thats about a two-street strip; the rest of the desert island is beautiful, spare, and subtle in its pleasures. Pikes Hotel, which is formally called the Ibiza Rocks House and is hidden in the rocky hills above Ibiza town, is one of those jewels. The place is built in a 15th century stone mansion that was converted to a hotel in 1978; the lounge and music area famously hosted jet setters, bohemians, musicians, and artists in decadence for years. (It provided the set to Wham’s Club Tropicana video of the 1980s.) The space plays lots of rock ‘n’ roll and funk/disco, plus famous old school DJs most nights; costumes and props are in some rooms, if you become inclined.

Where: Cam Sa Vorera, San Antonio

When to go: Not before 2 a.m.

Berghain, BERLIN

Instagram: Instagram photo by mt

This is another world-renowned institution, and while its no chic lounge, at least it doesnt have models and bottles. The former power plant is so notorious that GQ profiled its famous doorman, and fashion heavies frequent it on their German excursions. Theres no rule at the door, other than the fact that you probably cant get in. You definitely wont get in if youre wearing a suit, high heels, or any bright colors. Music here is heavily skewed to techno and house; phones and cameras are prohibited. There are no mirrors in the bathrooms. There is no VIP area. Dont even think about trying to buy your way in. Expect to see an older crowd, well-cultured in dark, aggressive, club-going leather, possible fetishes, and heavy tattoos.

Where: Am Wriezener Bahnhof

When to go: Dont get there before 4 a.m.

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